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25th EURHODIP Conference in Pula and Poreč, Croatia / November 2018

Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula



24th EURHODIP Conference in Seville, Spain / October 2017

Patrimonial and Cultural Tourism – New Models of Business for the 21st Century



23rd EURHODIP Conference in Yerevan, Armenia / October 2016

Tourism Education: On The Road to New Destinations



22nd EURHODIP Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel / May 2015

Tourism in The Mediterranean and Education – Challenges & Perspectives


21st EURHODIP Conference in Utena-Vilnius, Lithuania / July 2014

Niche Tourism & Education: Trends-İnnovations-Future



20th EURHODIP Conference in Maribor, Slovenia / July 2013  

Back to the Roots



19th EURHODIP Conference in Martigny, Switzerland / July 2012

Switzerland, The Heart of Hotel Management Training. What to Expect in the Future?



18th EURHODIP Conference in Paris, France / July 2011

Exploring the World of Luxury



17th EURHODIP Conference in Saragosse, Espagne / July 2010

City Marketing


16th EURHODIP Conference in Bologne, Italy / November 2009

Catering in Europe – Authenticity and Quality, Solutions for Global Challenges


15th EURHODIP Conference in Casablanca, Morocco / November 2008

Hospitality and Tourism in the Union for the Mediterranean


14th EURHODIP Conference in London, the United Kingdom / July 2007

Profit Through Productivity


13th EURHODIP Conference in Bordeaux, France / July 2006

Wine: İts Promotion in Restaurants And Teaching in School


12th EURHODIP Conference in Madrid, Spain / November 2005

The Pleasure to Serve


11th EURHODIP Conference in Namur, Belgium / July 2004

Quality in Education And in the Hotel Industry


10th EURHODIP Conference in Moscow, Russia / July 2003

Euroformation in the Hotel and Tourism İndustry


9th EURHODIP Conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands / May 2002

Hospitality Management in Europe: Moving into a New Dimension


8th EURHODIP Conference in Venice, Italy / November 2001

Hospitality and Catering Trades for Employment and Economic Development in Europe


7th EURHODIP Conference in Sevilla, Spain / November 2000

EUROPE-USA = Two Visions

6th EURHODIP Conference in Heidelberg, Germany / November 1999

Tourism and The Hotel Industry at the Beginning of a New Millennium

5th EURHODIP Conference in Lyon, France / November 1998

European Catering and Gastronomy

4th EURHODIP Conference in Guernsey, the United Kingdom / July 1997

Future Strategy for the Independent Hotelier

3rd EURHODIP Conference in Namur – Belgium July 1996

Europe à Table / The European Community Eating


2nd EURHODIP Conference in Barcelona – Spain July 1995

Hotel Management Education in Europe


EURHODIP Conference in Nîmes – France July 1994

Education in the Hotel and Catering Schools in Europe

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